Thursday, May 20, 2004

Iraq clusterfuck: Chalabi a spy for Iran?! 

Send in the clowns!

Senior U.S. officials told 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl that they have evidence Chalabi has been passing highly-classified U.S. intelligence to Iran.

The evidence shows that Chalabi personally gave Iranian intelligence officers information so sensitive that if revealed it could, quote, "get Americans killed." The evidence is said to be "rock solid."
(via CBS)

Don’t you love a farce?

If it's true, what are the odds that Wolfowitz or Perle will admit they were wrong to support Chalabi? Or apologize? Or take any accountability?

Look, I'm going to bed. It's dark under the table, and it's far too late to try to make sense of this. If indeed such a thing is possible.

But just one question: Doesn't "rock solid" mean about the same thing as "slam dunk"?

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