Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hey, Inerrant Boy! Your poodle didn't get the memo on "sovreignty"! 

I wish these guys would get their stories straight. It makes the country look bad when the President gives a speech and then the next day our faithful allies, the Brits, can't figure out what He meant to say.

A day after President Bush declared in a major speech that Iraqis would exercise authority over their own affairs, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in London that Iraq's interim government would have the right to veto specific military operations by the U.S.-led coalition, a view American officials immediately disputed. And French President Jacques Chirac told Bush in a telephone conversation that France wanted any new U.N. Security Council resolution to spell out clearly that the Iraqis would have a say over U.S.-led military operations.
(via LA Times)

It is kind of hard to understand how Iraq could be "sovreign" if the United States can still conduct military operations on Iraqi soil whenever and however it likes. And assume we still need to do this: These clowns in the Bush administration are so stupid and feckless they can't even figure out how to arrange a diplomatic fig-leaf that will let it go on. Have Sistani say it's doing the work of Allah, or something. Sheesh.

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