Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bubbling up from the depths 

Greetings all...the Esteemed Lambert has invited me to join the Privileged Poo-Bah's of Page 1 Posting Primacy. This is my first try at this Blogging stuff (aside from incessant drivel in the comments sections) so please be kind if I screw anything up.
If anybody was watching the Senate Armed Services committee this morning they saw a good deal of talk about a slide, of a poster, of a list of things interrogators at Abu Ghraib were allowed to do (which were listed on the left side of the sheet) and things they had to get the Commanding General (CG)'s permission to do (right side of the poster).

Never did find the poster itself but turned up this transcript of a "background" briefing given at the Pentagon last Friday. I would describe it in theatrical terms as a "tryout in the sticks" for today's Senate testimony, since some paragraphs were repeated almost word for word.

(via Briefing transcript)

The money quotes are just short of halfway down. Check the dates on when "changes were made." And, oh yeah, way down at the bottom, on who made the decision to send commanders from Gitmo to Iraq...this just may be the smoking gun to Rummy.

And don't ask me why the only place this turned up was on the website of the US Embassy in Tokyo.

I am suddenly taken back to the day I first got behind the wheel of a car with permission to turn the key. Being as I figured that out (eventually), I expect this will work too. Lambert et al, thanks for the invite.

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