Thursday, May 20, 2004

Assault on your right to vote continues 

First, the "Northwest Cyber Crime Task Force" wants the logs, the messages, and the IP addresses from pro-voting rights/anti-electronic voting machines activist Bev Harris's site (Leah, back here). Yikes!

Now, Xan comes up with this, from the Baltimore Sun:

"About 100 Maryland voters who requested paper ballots for the March primary because they did not trust the state's new touch-screen voting machines may never have their votes counted.

"The Campaign for Verifiable Voting had urged thousands of its supporters to request paper ballots to create a verifiable paper trail.

"State officials learned of the protest effort, and on Feb. 20, 11 days before the primary, distributed a list of "last minute instructions" to local election boards.

"Instruction No. 4 addressed the provisional ballot issue: "Do not issue a provisional ballot to a voter who simply does not want to use the DRE [electronic] voting equipment. The voter can either use the DRE voting equipment or forfeit his or her right to vote."

"Forfeit the right to vote?" How is it I'm hearing those words from a local election board? Sounds like they'll be using their "training wheels" (back) for awhile, eh?

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