Monday, May 24, 2004

Army starts lying to get reservists to re-enlist 

There's really no end to the deception, is there? Once Bush started us down the wrong path with His lies.

As part of an aggressive recruiting effort, Army and National Guard officials have warned inactive reservists that they could face being sent back to Iraq unless they re-enlist in the active reserves or join their local Guard units, according to a published report.

MariAnn Curta told the Chicago Tribune in a story published Sunday that a recruiter called her last weekend, saying her 22-year-old son Bill -- who recently completed a nine-month tour of duty in Iraq -- could be headed back there unless he enlisted in the Illinois National Guard.

"It's devious, it's deceptive, it's dishonest, it's valueless," she said. "I can't believe they'd pull this kind of fast trick on kids who have already served."

Army Reserve spokesman Steven Stromvall told the newspaper that there has been a problem with misleading, inaccurate and intimidating retention efforts throughout the country in the past few weeks. He said the Army Reserve is moving quickly to fix the problem.

"They went a bridge too far," he said.

The telephone warnings have been concentrated in four areas: Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and Louisiana, according to the newspaper. But Stromvall said National Guard recruiters heard about the tactic andbegan using similar techniques.

"It then spread through the country, with the exception of New England," he said.
(via NBC Newa, Columbus from the Agonist)

"Mistakes were made."

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