Thursday, April 29, 2004

Taxation without representation 

So, if Pennsylvania is 50/50 Republican/Democratic, but the Republicans have gerrymandered "my" House delegation so that it is split 19/12 Republican/Democratic (here), and all revenue spending bills originate in the House, doesn't that mean that I'm being taxed without being represented?

This is, of course, a general problem: Though the country is controlled by a political machine based in the Red states, the Blue states are subsizing the Red states through tax revenues.

Time for some tea in the harbor....

NOTE Alert reader Ubu corrects me:

All tax legislation must originate in the House - that's what's referenced as "revenue bills" in the Constitution. Appropriations bills - spending - originate in both House & Senate.

Well, heck, that's what I meant.

Of course, the Constitution is a dead letter anyhow, what with Bush shifting $700,000,000 that both houses appropriated from Afghanistan to Iraq without, uh, telling anyone.

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