Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Monday morning horror 

Used to be that the WhiteWash House would release the news it didn't want anyone to notice at 5:00PM Friday—like the Bush's "complete" service records, that turned out not to be.

But now horror happens 24/7, so 5:00PM Friday is just one hour among the others.

Now it turns out there's a new time to watch for horror: Monday morning.

[Stephanie Cutter, Kerry's communications director], said Bush strategists often launch attacks against Kerry at the beginning of a week in which they are expecting bad news. This week's schedule includes a Supreme Court hearing on Vice President Cheney's secret energy task force, today's joint appearance by Bush and Cheney before the commission investigating the 2001 terrorist attacks, and the first anniversary of Bush's landing on an aircraft carrier with a "Mission Accomplished" banner.
(via WaPo)

Good catch, Stephanie. Now what are you going to do to control the news cycle?

NOTE And here's a really weird comment from Kerry on this week's Monday Horror, the ginned up medals controversy:

Republicans are raising questions over a Vietnam War protest Kerry participated in 33 years ago, saying he pretended to throw away his medals. Kerry said Monday he threw away his ribbons and the medals of two other veterans, and he rejected the questions as a "phony controversy."(Full story)

After the conclusion of an interview with ABC during which he was grilled on the topic, a clearly frustrated Kerry -- who apparently believed the camera had been turned off -- sputtered into a microphone, "God, they're doing the work of the Republican National Committee."
(via CNN)

Merciful heavens, Senator, what world have you been living in? Yes, that is exactly what they are doing. You thought the "Dean Scream" was manna from heaven? No. They targetted him—and now they are targetting you. Welcome to the real world!

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