Friday, April 30, 2004

It really takes some cojones... 

to attack your political opponent for voting for cuts in the military that you suggested and supported at the time:

Vice President Dick Cheney, who has been charging that John Kerry would be a dangerous president because he opposed many key weapons that the military now relies on, himself presided over the biggest cutbacks in defense programs in modern history when he was secretary of defense under the first President Bush.

As Pentagon chief from 1989 to 1993 Cheney canceled or cut back many of the same weapons programs – bombers, fighter planes, battle tanks – that he says Kerry tried to deprive the armed forces of.
But wait, it gets even better:

The latest Bush-Cheney campaign ad depicts weapons such as the B-2 stealth bomber flying over a battlefield and then disappearing into thin air, attempting to convince voters that if Kerry prevailed back then, U.S. military forces would be underequipped.

Yet Cheney canceled the B-2 bomber program after 20 planes, even though the Air Force insisted it needed 132. He opposed upgrading the M1 Abrams tank, recommended killing the latest model of the F-14 fighter jet and opposed buying more F-15s.
So -- Cheney personally killed the B-2 that is the centerpiece of the advertisement!

I'm really not even sure "rank hypocrisy" quite covers it, eh?

Anyone got a better way to describe it?

And, yeah yeah, I know "typical Republican" comes immediately to mind but I'm looking for a memorable phrase to describe it.

Any ideas?

Update: Ooops. Forgot the link. Here you go.

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