Thursday, April 29, 2004

American Naive 

Erla Mae Nevin, a little known folk painter from Hazlehurst Georgia, produced the only known historic visual documentation of the young divinely chosen leader and his patriarch coadunate attendant as they - having undertaken for the Glory of God, and the advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our Dear Leader and Country - present themselves entre nous before the assembled Nine-Eleven Commission of State Elders and Knowers of Secret Things. The painting currently hangs in the Great Hall of Monarchs and Heroes of the Autocracy in the nation's capitol.

- and he stepped into the river and seized up the drowning idiot, snatching it aloft by the heels like a great midwife and slapping it on the back to let the water out. A birth scene or a baptism or some ritual not yet inaugurated into any canon. He twisted the water from its hair and he gathered the naked and sobbing fool into his arms and carried it up into the camp and restored it among its fellows. (Cormac McCarthy, "Blood Meridian")

Gaudeamus igitur ~ let us therefore rejoice.


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