Saturday, March 13, 2004

Why do the Democrats concede anything to Bush on defense, including 9/11? 

See Atrios on why Democrats shouldn't. Kos shows how to make the case simply ("It takes a village to stomp a weasel").

And here's a little nugget from Kos:

FY 2005 Budget Request for Missile Defense: $10.2 billion

FY 2005 Budget Request for Port Security grants: $46 million

As usual, the numbers tell the story.

The missile "defense," as Kos points out, just doesn't work—which Bush knows, since he isn't even testing it! But the photo op is going to be great: Sometime in September, Bush can prance around under a contrail instead of on a flight deck, and maybe the people who desperately want to believe he's protecting us will be able to continue to do so. I'd say that's easily worth $10 billion!

Meanwhile, the real threat (back) is a dirty bomb or a small nuke in an East or West Coast big city, and for that Bush spends.... Well, a little chump change. No photo ops there! And besides, it's the big cities. They're full of homos that God should be cleansing with fire anyhow, and besides they vote Blue... Fuck 'em.....

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