Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Not all Christians are loons 

Thank God. The Right Christian has a nice reading of the "Bel and the Dragon" parable. Here's the moral:

For years, the politicians and their high priests of “free markets” and “free trade” have been telling us that we’d better make sacrifices or our prosperity was in danger. We’ve given up health benefits, wage increases, overtime pay and regulations that protect the environment and our own safety when we’re at work. After all that, now we are being told that it is a “good thing” for us to give up our jobs.

But read the whole thing. At the least, it's a great metaphor.

ATHIEST PROPHYLACTIC: We need to talk to people where they are, not where we would like them to be. It's ridiculous for Democrats to surrendur our discourse on "values" (and religion) to theocons and SICs.

If we want to win the votes of committed Christians—which I would argue should be of right Democratic— then we need to talk to them in language that they respect and understand, and that means having some basic knowledge of their texts. (Personally, I thought the true Dean gaffe—the one where I slapped my forhead and said "That's it!"—was when he said or was reported to say (Deaniacs?) that the book of Job was in the new testament. Even I know it's in the old testament.)


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