Thursday, March 11, 2004

Military Families Speak Out 

WaPo has the heart-breaking story here.
When the invasion of Iraq began, Dvorin -- a 61-year-old Air Force veteran and a retired cop -- thought the commander in chief deserved his support. "I believed we were destroying part of the axis of evil," he says. "I truly believed that Saddam Hussein was a madman and that he possessed weapons of mass destruction and wouldn't hesitate to use them."

By the time Army 2nd Lt. Seth Dvorin was sent to Iraq last September, however, his father was having doubts. And now that Seth had been killed, at 24, by an "improvised explosive device" south of Baghdad, doubt had turned to anger.

"Where are all the weapons of Mass Destruction?" Richard Dvorin demanded in his letter. "Where are the stockpiles of Chemical and Biological weapons?" His son's life, he wrote, "has been snuffed out in a meaningless war."
It's hard for me to imagine what a sense of betrayal like this feels like. One of the few luxuries of loathing Bush and distrusting every word he utters is that there is never a possibility of disappointment. To have foolishly entrusted the life of my son to an unworthy man, is a burden I hope I never have to carry in life.

Meanwhile, a former co-worker who's shipping out to Iraq writes:
Asked one of my colleagues what he thought of the mission. Surprised me when he said, "It looks like this is turning into a mission where we basically go there just to defend ourselves... kind of pointless."

He's a Mormon and former Bush voter with a wife and newborn daughter. Whatever the wisdom of his Iraq vote, Kerry was speaking for him decades ago when he demanded, "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

Let alone a litany of lies.

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