Friday, March 12, 2004

He was only telling the truth! 

The Bubble of Our Boy Emperor must never burst!

A state maintenance worker was suspended after he displayed a sign with the word ``traitor'' on a snowplow while helping provide security for President Bush's motorcade, the Ohio Department of Transportation said.

Michael Gerstenslager was asked to park a snowplow on an entrance ramp to block access to a highway that the president's motorcade used to go from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport into downtown Cleveland on Wednesday.
(via AP)

Suspend him? I say promote him!

Funny how Bush keeps wanting dialogue and conversation and all that—except when it comes to seeing things he doesn't want to see, or hearing things he doesn't want to hear. I guess he's just "stubborn." Or something.

As for "traitor"—well, what's your definition? I think stealing an election and lying the country into a war is a good start at one.

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