Thursday, March 11, 2004

Bush: If you catch him lying, and he knows it, what does he do? Escalate the lies! 

We saw it in the lies on Iraq, now he's doing it on the economy. And who's fault the economy is? The Clenis™

And just as Bush has been asserting that the recession started before his presidency, he is now suggesting that manufacturing jobs loss predates him as well.

"Not long before I took office in January of 2001, I invited business leaders from around our country to come to Austin. They told me that factories and workers were seeing the first signs of recession. That's what they said. They said that the economy was troubled, that things weren't feeling too good. And they were right. In fact, the manufacturing sector had started losing jobs in August of 2000. By January of 2001, orders for equipment and software were falling, the stock market had been declining for several months."

Here's the full text of his speech.

Is that assertion about the manufacturing sector correct? These tables and charts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics do show small job losses in manufacturing starting in July of 2000, but a pretty precipitous decline after January 2001.
(Froomkin, WaPo)

Don't bother Bush with facts! Nice to see the press doing a little fact-checking for him—they must feel (or at least the non-whores must feel) as badly burned by the WMD lies as the rest of us.

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