Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Where Does George W. Bush Really Live? 

According to Aussie blogger extraordinaire, Tim Dunlop of The Road To Surfdom, he lives in "Georgeland, it's like America, only nicer."

Working off the Russert interview, Tim helps us understand why so much just criticism of Bush has such difficulty in gaining traction, despite the increasingly well-documented record of his monumental incompetence. We critics live "in country," so to speak, while he lives...somewhere else entirely. Noting the President's inability to answer the actual questions being asked of him by Russert, Tim comments:

He didn't so much answer questions as paint a picture of a place called Georgeland, a special place where he lives and the rules are different and in which everything he does is noble, well-meaning and justified. Anyone who dares question the rules and practices of Georgeland is simply practicing something he called "politics". "Politics" is something they have heard about in Georgeland but don't themselves countenance. It is something they find distasteful to contemplate, like some strange African mating ritual that you might see on the Discovery Channel, or maybe like gay marriage. In Georgeland, they just want the rest of us to stop bothering them and let them get on with making the rest of the world as nice as it is in Georgeland.

Don't miss this "view" from Georgeland.

Snarkiness aside, doesn't that explain so much?

I'd like to nominate "Georgeland" for addition to the Lexicon Of Liberal Invective, though, in truth, it's almost purely descriptive. Tell us what you think.

Speaking of traction, Tim's keeping a list. What a good idea.

UPDATE Alert reader MJS has written another set of lyrics for us:

(with regrets to Paul Simon)

The Texas skyline was burning
Out in the National Guard
I am flying down a highway
Driving a fast car
Off to 'Bama to help some bastard

I'm living in Georgeland
My country tis a thee
I'm living in Georgeland
Politics and pundits, itinerary
We're all going to Georgeland
Riding with me is a day called Nine One-One
My protector and provacateur
It sure indemnifies me
I am the Boss of History
In Georgeland

(lyrics cut short for reasons of space)

When are you going to send us an MP3, MJS?

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