Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Bush spotted in Montgomery during his missing year 

Dan Froomkin of the Post reports that the Moonie Times has found a kinda sorta witness:

urther confirmation was supplied yesterday by a woman who dated the young George W. Bush in 1972 who says she distinctly remembers the young pilot visiting Montgomery that year to fulfill his Air National Guard commitment.

Emily Marks Curtis told The Times that she and Mr. Bush met in the summer of 1972 when he went to Montgomery from Texas to work in the U.S. Senate campaign of Winton Blount, a Bush family friend. She said the two became good friends.

After that election, she said, Mr. Bush returned to Texas. A few weeks later, he telephoned to say he was returning to Montgomery to complete drilling days at an Alabama squadron to which he had been transferred that year.

The problem here is that all this is still based on Bush's word. Nobody in the Guard has come forward to say they served with Bush, and the paperwork doesn't support his claims.

And it's not entirely unlikely that the Blount campaign and the charms of Ms. Curtis herself were sufficient to bring Bush to Montgomery, and that Bush somehow managed to leave the impression he was doing his duty. I mean, he's dating Ms. Curtis, and what is he going to say? "I blew off my guard duty?"

And what about the story behind the story? Why Bush was grounded for missing his medical exam? The medical exam that would have involved a drug test?

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