Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bush AWOL: Out of an inch-thick stack of records, the WhiteWash House releases Bush's dental records 

I missed this one this morning, but it's too good not to post. AP

The White House obtained the dental record, along with other medical records it did not release, from the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver, spokesman Scott McClellan said.

The inch-tall stack of medical documents has been the subject of debate within the White House, where staff members have pored over the records while wrestling with how much to release to the public — and which contents inside the file would clear up lingering questions.

Well, gosh. How hard can this question be? I'd say, why not release it all, and let the public sort it all out? Since we paid for the records anyhow with our taxes?

Of course, the really interesting medical record is the one that never existed—Remember, Bush was grounded because he blew off a medical exam that would have required a drug test....

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