Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bush AWOL: Froomkin at WaPo wants to know what you think 

[T]he issue may become less whether Bush technically did or did not fulfill the requirements of Guard duty. We know he received an honorable discharge. The issue may become less whether Bush acted honorably during that time than whether he is dealing with it honorably now.

Perhaps that's why, for three days now, one of the "most e-mailed" articles on washingtonpost.com has been an op-ed by Richard Cohen [back], in which he describes his own experience avoiding the draft by joining the Guard, dropping from sight and getting an honorable discharge.

"When Bush attempts to drape the flag of today's Guard over the one he was in so long ago, when he warns his critics to remember that 'there are a lot of really fine people who have served in the National Guard and who are serving in the National Guard today in Iraq,' then he is doing now what he was doing then: hiding behind the ones who were really doing the fighting. It's about time he grew up."

So is that going to be the central issue? Where do you think this is going? Send me your thoughts at froomkin@washingtonpost.com. Please include your name and hometown, and an acknowledgement that I can print your responses.

Flood the zone, people!

For those who came in late:

Pass the popcorn!

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