Friday, February 13, 2004

Band of Brothers 

Much has been made by about the deafening silence from Shirk's would-be contemporaries in the Guard who could attest to his attendance during his missing year. (The voluble Lt. Calhoun doesn't count until he gets his ever-shifting dates straightened out.) More remarkable, to me, is that Shirk himself can't seem to name a single friend from that period. If someone asked me to prove my whereabouts during any 9-month period of my life, I know I could name several, and I'm not even very sociable. Are we to believe that George W. "Nickname" Bush, the backslapping party animal of legend and song, the guy everyone (except me) wants to have a beer with, drilled with the Guard for months on end, yet didn't have a single enduring friendship to show for it? Not even a photo?

Why, that would be almost sad, if I thought for a minute he actually showed up.

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