Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Bait Shop Switcheroo 

Make up your own jokes:

Bush Brings Economic Message to SRC
Shadowing Democrats through primary states, President Bush highlighted upswings in the U.S. economy Monday at an automotive engine remanufacturing plant in Springfield.

"We're growing," Bush said during a brief stop in Springfield. It was the president's 15th trip to Missouri since the election in 2000. "The growth is good. New jobs are being created. Interest rates are low. Home ownership in America is at the highest levels ever."

Bush spoke inside SRC Automotive Inc., an employee-owned plant where 120 workers make and remanufacture engines and other parts for automobiles, boats and race cars. Cylinder heads, engine blocks, manifolds and carburetors were stacked on shelves; engines were suspended on chains behind a makeshift stage where Bush had a discussion with employees and businessmen.


After the appearance at SRC, Bush then drove a few miles to the Bass Pro Shops sporting goods store to shop for fishing gear. "Which way to the worms?" Bush asked reporters as he shook hands with several hundred shoppers inside.

As the president left the store, he rattled off his purchases: "I bought a reel. Some line. Two spinner baits. Some worms," he said.

I wonder what he's gonna do with those worms? Carry them around in a styrofoam cup for a couple of weeks? Maybe President Goober and Opie Taylor are gonna do some feeshin' between photo-ops? Assuming Goob realizes, for all practical purposes, that you need a fishing pole to make all that other junk function normally.

Full fish story via: KOLR-10 Springfield Missouri

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