Monday, January 26, 2004

What's Controversial? 

The invaluable daily Progress Report from the Center For American Progress today offers the best discussion I've seen yet about CBS's refusal to air MoveOn's ad critical of the Bush deficits by examining what ads CBS views as "Non-Controversial."

To review, the winner of MoveOn's Bush in thirty-seconds contest makes two factually accurate, undeniable statements, that the national debt is paid for by future generations, and that Bush is adding to this burden by the trillions of dollars in deficits he's racking up.

What isn't controversial, according to CBS are ads for WalMart, for instance, that tout the excellent conditions of employment it offers its workers, this in the face of all the material that's become public recently suggesting the exact opposite.

The piece goes on to examine Drug Industry ads, as well as Halliburton.

The great question for us all; how do we start to make this kind of corporate advertising controversial?

Any thoughts?

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