Saturday, January 31, 2004

Update: Watching the Moon 

Additional resource on Moonie activity. (and other similar abhorent phenomena)

Thanks to John Gorenfeld, for directing me to his weblog. -- See comments from Lunch on the Moon, thread below. -- For further resources, reports, and updates on Moon phases, (and more) visit John's page and add it to your blogroll.


Hotlink= John Gorenfeld's weblog

What kind of Constitution are we looking at? Ex-Moonie leader Steve Hassan claims Moon told him they'd amend the U.S. Constitution to enforce sexual purity on penalty of death. For now, he settles for funding Brent Bozell. See: Bush ally strongly resents the U.S. Constitution

John also provides a link to Steve Hassan's cult-watch webpage, which can be found HERE


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