Sunday, January 25, 2004

The unWar 

I'm tired of using the phrase "war on terror." (See below for this sentiment making its way into the mainstream media). By doing so, I buy into all the Republican's assumptions, including (a) that the war in Iraq and 9/11 are related, (b) that Bush has legitimate wartime powers, (c) that these powers should continue indefinitely (like the "war" on drugs), and (d) that it's treason to oppose Bush and the actions of his administration. All of these assumptions are wrong, and the lazy thinking behind "war on terror" hides how wrong they are.

I remember one blogger (Kos?) making the point that terror is a tactic. The phrase "war on terror" is about as sensible as "war on flanking maneuvers."

We need a new word, and I thought of the "unWar"—has that W right in the middle, and "unWar: is kind of like "undead": it keeps coming at you until you drive a wooden stake through its rotting heart.

Thoughts, anyone?

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