Saturday, December 27, 2003

Times editorialists wring their hands at what they wrought 

Here's the original. But you don't need to read it; I've shortened it:

Bush has always been a corporate shill, and he treated the social and small government conservatives as "useful idiots" to get elected. Once in office, he started throwing cash to the corporations that bought him his office like tomorrow will never come. He's not throwing cash to anyone else, though.

What a surprise! Who knew?

You know, we're still waiting on the apology from the Times "public editor" on the Whitewater reporting that did so much to transmit winger memes into mainstream discourse and hasten the VWRC coup that culminated in Florida 2000. Jason Blair? A piker! Are you going to handle this, Mr. Okrent, or keep putting Band-Aids on the cancer.

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