Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Scaife-funded bigots to split Episcopal church 


I seem to remember that Jesus would sit down to dinner with just about anyone. These SICs won't ("Woe to you, hypocrites, Pharisees!").

Interesting geography for the "dissident" dioceses though:

Albany; Pittsburgh; San Joaquin in California; South Carolina; Florida, Central Florida, and Southwest Florida; Dallas and Fort Worth; Quincy and Springfield in Illinois; Western Kansas; and Rio Grande, which includes parts of Texas and New Mexico.

Red states, and the red parts of Blue states. I'd say this is a precursor to the 2004 elections, which will be very, very ugly.

Although, in my opinion, civil unions is a wedge issue that works for Democrats. Because of the courage of many thousands coming out, the families (can you say Cheney? Gephardt?) who can deny this obvious civil right are in the minority, and the families who practice the kind of demonization Thugs are so very good at are even more so.

We can hope, anyhow.

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