Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam captured 

Reuters; WaPo (with multimedia presentation); aWol's speech; and its analyis (he "furrowed" his brow); Dean; Clark.

Now the Bush administration has a chance to gain legitimacy for the war by bringing him before the Hague Tribunal (Herald Trib; Clark) for crimes against humanity (Or an Iraqi one? Depends on whether it's a second Gitmo, or not, doesn't it?) It would be encouraging if we didn't botch this one like we botched the capture of Saddam's sons.

And the questions become:

Will Saddam's capture halt the insurgency? Probably not. Since Saddam didn't have a phone with him in his hidey-hole...

What about the WMDs? In Syria? Where? Maybe now we can start planting those weapons... And get Saddam to regurgitate at a show trial... Yeah, that's the ticket...

Where is Saddam now? An "unknown location," says CBS. Although apparently with Iraqi Governing Council visited him before he left.

Who will be the first winger to say that "those who opposed the war were wrong"? (Respectful of Otters)

And what about OBL? (Daily Kos)

And who's the enemy now? (the base needs one!, says Atrios)

For the sake of all those who sold Saddam his weapons, where's Jack Ruby when we need him? (stranger, via Atrios).

Now that we've captured the bad guy, can we go?

Who authored the keen name for the operation, Operation Red Dawn?

And, oh yeah, what about the 2004 election? (Reuters) Given that a week is a long time in politics (Newsweek), what about it? Lieberman seems to think capturing Saddam has made the world a "less dangerous place." Huh? Meanwhile, Clark is testifying in the Milosevic trial—rule of law, anyone?

Oh, the bottom line: From aWol's speech, it's "The Forever War":

The war on terror is a different kind of war, waged capture by capture, cell by cell, and victory by victory.

Meanwhile, Bush calls it "an enchanting day." Well, I suppose "enchanting" is an improvement on "fabulous."

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