Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Republican National Convention Dada 

Since Bush had the infernal gall to first poison New Yorkers by suppressing EPA reports about Manhattan air quality after 9/11, and then to politicize a national tragedy by holding the Republican National Convention in Manhattan on the anniversary of the tragedy, I think it only fitting that Manhattanites give him the kind of welcome he deserves ....

Presumably, despite disclaimers, plans are afoot to have some some functionary lay the cornerstone at the Twin Towers site during the convention.

I suggest that Manhattanites protect the Twin Towers site from Thug exploitation by joining hands to surround it with a human chain. Would need to happen well before the convention... Food and relief would have to be brought to the links in the chain... People would need to bring many video cameras and lots of cell phones that take photographs...

Big (I sure couldn't organize it!) but do-able, and a great image of what this country is really all about—people joining together.

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