Friday, December 19, 2003

Republican killer to appeal conviction 

Yep, that's Representative Janklow, the serial speeder who ran down Randy Scott in his car. We haven't been hearing much about "the rule of law" from Republicans lately; I wonder why? Isn't it great to see the media all over this one? Oh, wait...

Anyhow, Janklow only killed someone. It's not like he got a blow-job or anything. So, he's appealing (in the judicial sense, I mean). And the beauty part:

On Friday, the official judgment of Janklow's conviction was entered into the court record. He is to be sentenced Jan. 22, two days after his resignation from the U.S. House takes effect.

Janklow's original sentencing date was set for Jan. 20, but a scheduling conflict has delayed his sentencing.

January 20, eh? That's when Congress reconvenes. Could it be that Thug leadership needs prisoner Janklow's vote really bad, either on the energy bill or the budget bill? Dealing with felons doesn't bother this crowd one bit, does it? As long as the job gets done....

Wonder how Randy Scott's family feels about this?

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