Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Mudslingers Checklist 

Gore's endorsement of Dean is bound to send the press Heathers into paroxysms of facile comparisons, all of them designed to resurrect their Golden Oldie smears. It's not as if they have been waiting for Gore to trot them out:

* Crazy? Check.
* Liar? Check.
* Elitist faux populist? Check.
* Doesn't know who he is? Check.
* Extremist? Check.

I actually hope they try; it will make them bigger targets. Not only does Bush need to go down, so, too, do the lazy lying liars who've degraded journalism and made Bushism possible. Dean shows he's willing to take the fight to the enemy, and Gore seems to have belatedly recognized it too. Millions of decent people have gotten wise to this crap. This is a fight that needs to happen eventually. Bring it on.

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