Thursday, December 11, 2003

More Circular Firing Squads 

Kerry says, "Dean also supported war in Iraq! See, he's as gullible as I was! Vote for me!"

Problem is, despite AP's best efforts to convince readers otherwise, the difference between Biden-Lugar and the one ultimately approved by Congress was significant, significant enough in fact that the Bushies determined to sink the former, with the help of Kerry, Lieberman and Gephardt. As Seth Ackerman writes in The New Republic, a magazine not known for its pro-Dean sympathies:

[T]he Biden-Lugar resolution was an attempt by the eponymous senators last fall to tether the war authorization to some form of multilateral cooperation. Most importantly, it required President Bush to return to Congress and argue that war was immediately necessary if he considered U.S. security hopelessly mired in fruitless U.N. diplomacy. Gephardt instead endorsed Bush's preferred resolution, which contained no such encumbrances. And with Gephardt's support, Bush was able to hold up his resolution as a true product of bipartisan compromise, effectively killing Biden-Lugar.

Although Dean hasn't made this argument yet, Bush's refusal to accept even Biden-Lugar's mild fetters should have signaled to anyone with half a brain what the Administration's real agenda was, and why any further cooperation with the White House was a sucker's bet. Dean apparently got that; the others didn't.

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