Sunday, December 14, 2003

May I Introduce You To... 

It's Crapatistic, whose moving report of a death and a funeral is espcially poignant to consider this morning. If you've read it already, go read it again. And no, I don't mean that the loss Clonecone memorializes here cheapens the arrest of Saddam Hussein. That is the one event, in this wretched mess, that is an unalloyed good. And as much as Andrew Sullivan will have begun to imagine, immediately upon hearing the news of this capture, on the unclean thoughts running through the minds of decadent leftwing critics of Bush's Iraq policy, he will have been wrong, but will be unable to see that the unclean thoughts are all his own.

And Rivka of "Respectful of Otters," and isn't that a wonderful title for a blog. Actually, I'm just adding my two cents of approval to that of Tresy's below in regards to her wonderful analysis of why, in addition to all the other reasons that the new Medicare bill is a certifiable disaster for seniors, for health in general, for the cause of affordable prescription medicine, for the future of Medicare, it is also a disaster, it turns out, for AIDS patients. And from the many other interesting posts already up there, one gets the impression that Rivka is something of an otter (belongs on the list of everyone's favorite animals) herself.

And Peter at "Kick The Leftist," whose insight about "big music," previously liinked to by Digby, is the kind of original, previously unnoticed-but-waiting-to-be-noticed observation about a much discussed topic that are the real joy of reading blogs. Peter does a similarly excellent job on the peculiar idiocy of Gregg Easterbrook, and has a delightful answer to a WorldNetDaily letter about the possible consequences had there been an abortion clinic somewhere in Bethlehem, and had Mary and Joseph been pro-choice.

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