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I'm still waiting for my Hiller Hornet "fly-bug" to be delivered, so, another sack race sprint to the moon doesn't really interest me much. Whats more, considering the characters who would be poking their fingers into this pie, I'm apt to think that any kind of "space race" to anywhere, at least at this point, under this administration, would be turned into little more than a clever PR gimmick by the current administration and their fellow travelers to tweak the public's sleepy romanticized notions of some lost retro-atomic America, while simultaneously shoveling money out the back door to Defense Contractors and National Missle Defense initiative boosteroos. Lets not forget that space cadet Rumsfeld is the guy who chaired the right-wing defense hawk Committe for the Free World (CFW) in the late 80's. CFW's purpose was, in part, to pimp Reagan's SDI programs. By 1996 Rummy was back at it again, this time the chairman of the Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missle Threat to the United States. Rumsfeld's Commission eventually produced the "Rumsfeld Report" which earned, in 1998, Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy (CSP) "Keeper of the Flame" Award. The award given to Rumsfeld by the CSP was a salute to his efforts to renew interest in the old Reagan SDI, and later renamed NMD, programs. For more on CFW, CSP, the "Rumsfeld Report" etc... see: The American Prospect, February 26, 2001, "Darth Rumsfeld", by Jason Vest.

That aside, I'm still not sure why a space race to the moon is really necessary. And why does it have to be to the moon? Why not stick a big space pylon out there and race around the pylon and back? You know, like some kind of cosmic catamaran dash. Probably be more cable-tv friendly too. If we hurry up we can kick it off by early next Summer. Load up a rocketship with Rummy, W, Dick, Rove, and a dozen Bush Ranger fundraiser clodhoppers and a couple of cases of bourbon and let em whoop it up while chasing a handful of Chinamen around the pylon. Maybe if we're lucky they'll miss the post and go hurdling of into deep space and be sucked into a space worm hole. Hey, I'm entitled to my sci-fi fantasies too! Maybe I'm just being to cynical on this one. I dunno. In any case, i'm still waiting for my fly-bug, where the hell is my "Hiller Hornet" fly-bug! And while I'm waiting for that thing to show up in my driveway why not have a race to build a better public elementary school. Right here on earth! What a futuristic concept.

NTodd at Dohiyi Mir also has some thoughts on the back to the moon subject:

But then I think: why the hell is Bush talking about going to the Moon? Is he trying to cloak himself in comparisons to JFK? Is he trying to distract us from Iraq? Domestic trouble? I'm sorry, but I'm so cynical at this point that I must consider "what political gain would Bush get from this?" I can't imagine any other reason for Bush to consider a renewed mission. --- Read full post here: A Little Closer To Earth

Likewise Keith at Invisible Library offers his unique take: Be careful though, hes playin' with your mind, man.

Everyone in the Blogosphere is talking about President Gore?s announcement this week to start a new Space Race with China but I want to add my two cents worth to the aether.--- See: Dispatches From an Alternate America: President Gore?s Mission to the Moon

ITEM Feminism. Jeff at Speedkill makes this point and asks this question:

"The objectification of women just seems to come from a drive to sell more shampoo or whatever, so why did it get dumped on feminism."

Yeah, good question. Probably for the same reason that feminism took the fall for Heffner's Playboy bunnies and swinging bachelor pads. I suppose in part this "objectification" charge got dumped into the lap of feminism (at least in the case Speedkill points too) because feminism is a hot button heads we win tails you loose gambit for so many conservatives. A bastardized characterization conservatives like to apply as a cartooned generalization of the entire feminist movement. (As Speedkill also noted.)

The conservative's have our cake and eat it too cartoon suggests that the feminist movement somehow unleashed legions of unholy sex crazed sirens upon the land and therefore it should be no wonder that female sexuality is used to sell everything from chainsaws to cheap beer. Despite many feminist groups outward criticism of such practice. While at the same time these same titilation-fearin' conservatives don't seem to have any problem with nubile seventeen year old cheerleaders in mini-skirts bending over and hopping around on a high school football field in Texas like so many crotch crickets in a summer meadow. And when was the last time you were subjected to some mind-numbing harangue from some NASCAR daddio declaring he will no longer attend the ClusterFuck 5000, or whatever it is, because all them Daisy Duke feminazis with bodacious ta-tas, wearing sunglasses and shorty shorts, like to get uppity and pour Coors Light all down the front of their sheer nipple hugging t-shirts. Yes siree, thats just the thing that'll send your average Republican voting angry white guy gear-head dood scurrying for the saftey of the nearest Southern Baptist Convention sanctuary. Those damn feminist sluts are destroying family value NASCAR driving to no-where events!

Uh oh.......via Lilith at A Rational Animal --- World Nut Daily has this newsflash.

ELECTION 2004 - Bush faces new enemy: Sexy American babes -Scantily clad women join forces to strip president from office. [...] If there's any truth to the belief "Sex sells," then President Bush could have an additional political enemy to deal with in the upcoming election year: American babes. 'Babes Against Bush' seeking regime change
A group of scantily clad Michigan women calling themselves "Babes Against Bush" is joining forces to strip the commander in chief from office and have some fun in the process. "We figured that this was a good, fun way to make people aware of the damage George Bush is doing to America," says spokeswoman Eleanor Vast-Binder. "Guys like hot girls. So maybe they wouldn't mind getting the message from us."

I hope these feminist tarts don't infect NASCAR racing and Country Music with their tawdry commercialized ass wiggling filth. What will we tell the children then? Next thing you know our daughters will be turned into foul mouthed no-nonsense danger thugs sneaking out of the house at night in search of international "hotspots"!

As Oracle, she was even a member of the Justice League. In Birds of Prey, she sends agents to hotspots to fix problems before they become too massive. She's efficient, intelligent, and the fact that she happens to be stuck in a wheelchair is secondary to the strength of the character.

Continuing in the vein of folks I wouldn't really want to hang out with, but love to read, would be Deena Pilgrim from Powers. A tough, no-nonsense cop who's in way over her head but keeps up anyway. Foul-mouthed and angry, she's the right person to handle the giant Christian Walker. Petite and powerful, Deena proves that big things do come in small packages... even confronting a being with the power of a god in her last (as of this writing) appearance in the book.

Jabberin' jumpin' Jeezis! What'd I tell ya. Elayne Riggs has more superhero horrors.

ITEM: BlogAmy notes: "Hey folks, I just saw that our Coalition friend Pen-Elayne is up for a vote! - Blog Awards 2003"

ITEM: Upyernoz at Rubber Hose has a message for every one of those loopy TV weather persons who announce that some kind of end-timer prophecy is about to be unleashed upon Christendom whenever a snowflake flutters down from above or the sun sneaks away behind a cloud for a couple of days or the temperature dives into the nether regions of the mercury pool.

whenever i wake up and look out the window to see snow on the ground part of me screams "snow day! no school!" (i don't actually scream, i just do in my head). this happens even when the snow comes over the weekend and there would have been no school anyway (the voices in my head apparently don't look at a calendar, just as they never got word about my graduation), and dispite the fact that i usually have to go to work anyway when it snows. but even when i have to work, it puts me in a good mood all day.

ITEM: And speaking of mercury. Mercury at MercuryX23 has a link to the "Which historical lunatic are you"/ "Loon Me Up! examination.

I admit I really enjoyed this questionaire and was delighted to learn that I was a cinch for Caligula.

You are Gaius Caesar Germanicus - better known as Caligula! [...] Although you only reigned for four years, brief even by Roman standards, you still managed to garner a reputation as a cruel, extravagant and downright insane despot.

See, can't make up stuff like that. Which is just fine by me just so long as those Superhero feminists leave me alone and busy themselves instead with hounding NASCAR goobers.

Next ITEM: edward pig, who, if you ask me (Caligula), has the best blogger name in the blogger world and has more details on the Ernest Gallet Elementary School situation concerning Marcus.

Upon hearing this, Marcus's teacher scolded him in front of his classmates, telling him that "gay" is a bad word and he should never say it at school, then sent him to the principal?s office instead of letting him go to recess. The following week the school required Marcus to attend a special behavioral clinic at 6:45 in the morning, where he was forced to repeatedly write "I will never use the word 'gay' in school again."

Ay yi yi. I suppose the Ernest G Elementary School will purge their shelves of any reference to Gay Georgia, Gay Michigan, Gay Oklahoma, Gay West Virginia, Gaylord Michigan - Virginia - Oregon - Kansas and Minnesota. Gaylordsville CT, Gayly PA, Gays IL, Gays Mills WI, Gaysport OH, Gays River NS, Gaysville VT, and Gayville SD. (those places are clearly a slap in the face of every living Christian, if not God hisself) And if that hain't enough how about Gay Talese, Gaylord Perry's ERA averages, Gay Paris, Annamese fishing boats, and the Florida Gaytors. Heave the dictionary overboard too. Morans.

ITEM: And Then... Scout has the "student behavior contract" (via the ACLU) sent home with Marcus. Check it out. EG Elementary is also apparently in need of a spelling teacher.

ITEM: Back to Keith at the Invisible Library (thanks for the "purty" art review K.) for the Democratic Republic of Dohiyi Mir See: "Traveling Without Moving" link to the Commonwealth of Blogosphere. I, Farmer Caligula, don't have a place in the DRD or the CofB at this time but if I ever decide to "build" I believe I will settle upon the isthmus just east of SpiceSasstopool on the Sea of Attila. I will also ban the word "isthmus" from the language while I'm at it. Say "isthmus" ten times as fast as you can. Go ahead, do it.

Jesus huh? See what I mean? That has to be the gayest word ever muttered. It's even more gay than gay. Someone alert the earnest busy body scoldpottles at Ernest G Elementary.

ITEM: Peter at Kick the Leftist (see: "Playing with the big kids") notes the John Kerry "F-Word" flapdoodle and reminds us of other past public poopymouth eruptions.

What is this, second grade? Suck it up, gentlemen, it's a word. Note how Hess has to use "public interview" because Bush was caught calling Adam Clymer an asshole in the 2000 campaign as a side comment to Cheney.

ITEM: Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof adds the Key West Citizen to his newspaper links. The KWC ain't the greatest paper in the land but the KW Crime Report can sure be fun and somewhere I have one of em which descibes the harrowing late night rescue of a Key West Citizen who was being visciously tormented by a demonic talking gecko. Or sumpin' like that. I'll have to dig that one up and show it to you one day.

ITEM: Craptastic comments on the Cult of Reagan's recent attempt to redecortate the common dime and Nancy Reagan's reaction to such frippery.

Hera makes this announcement from Olympus: Nancy Reagan opposes replacing FDR with Reagan on dimes

And how come nobody ever named anything after Spiro Agnew? I propose they rename Agnew Washington, Spiro Agnew Washington. Its a start. Email me if you'd like to join my fight.

ITEM: CCC&G. Via T. Rex's Guide to Life

This Is What's Wrong With America and Capitalism.
Consumerism, conspicuous consumption and greed:

Self explanatory.

ITEM: Says it All Quote Award goes to Charles2 at The Fulcrum (see: Friday, December 05, 2003, Small Lies and Big

This administration has to put some kind of spin on everything they do. No statement can contain the complete truth. No utterance can be taken at face value. Not the small turkey, nor the large.

ITEM: Again, and this one has been linked to many times, anyone who hasn't already read Stradiotto's piece on "Morality" should do so. This is just one of those posts that is always relevant.

ITEM: No more items for now. Although I'm sure hundreds more were created in the time it took me to write up this post. Doesn't matter though. I'm Caligula and I have a talking horse and a fer-de-lance to feed. I'm also drunk and tired and I haven't brushed my teeth in three weeks. Although I always splash the whiskey around in my mouth before I swallow it, so that should provide some degree of dental hygiene protection. One would think.

Please don't leave any comments because I don't want to spend my quality Caligula time reading them.

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