Sunday, December 21, 2003

I like Walter Shapiro, but why wasn't this the lead? 

The combination of a war justified by questionable premises, political polarization and governmental secrecy seems on pace to deliver what might be dubbed "The Conspiracy-Theory Election of 2004."

Here (scroll down, down, down).

Instead, he leads with all this "Inside Baseball" stuff about Madeline Albright, Morton Kondracke, and the transmission belt from FUX to the RNC...

Though, come to think of it, would Bush keep OBL on ice until, say, November 10, 2004, as Albright joked?

Is this really so crazy? I mean, we would have to make the assumption that Bush was willing to use the intelligence agencies for political purposes.... And run a war according to the political calendar ...

Hmmm ....

This idea—that Bush has OBL on ice—would explain why we've somehow "failed" to find OBL, despite the fact that he needs kidney dialysis done...

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