Friday, December 12, 2003

Feckless, gutless Dems 

"A party with a plan and a ferocious will to win?"

I hope citizens are giving the Dems an earful over the holiday recess. So far as I can tell—resisting the worst of Bush's winger court-packing aside—the Dems roll over, put their paws in the air, and start wriggling whenever Bush tickles their belly with the tip of his boot.

What was Teddy thinking, that he could work with Bush on Medicare?

What was Daschle doing, that the AARP fucks over its own members on Medicare and hands Bush a "victory" giveaway to big pharma that doesn't allow people to buy cheaper drugs today and doesn't kick in 'til 2006?

What's Pelosi doing? The Thugs try to arrest Dems right on Capitol Hill, hold fifteen minute votes open for three hours so members can get their arms twisted (or get bribed) and we don't hear about this every day? Barney Frank says in WaPo that this means the end of partliamentary democracy—as it does—and so he does what? Goes home to his Mom!

Can't the Dems running for President that are are on the Hill (Lieberman, Kerry, Edwards, and whoever else) get out of circular firing squad mode? Couldn't they get together and compete on how Bush sucks, and how they'll fix it? Wouldn't they look better, wouldn't the party look better?

And where's the ridicule? President Flight Suit stages another stunt on Turkey Day, everything about it is fake—from the flight plan to the turkey itself to the troops who have to eat MREs because Chimpy's fluffers thought they were security risks—and the Dems don't call him on it! Where are the jokes? Heck, where are the attack ads? People get this stuff, since they're smart enough to read between the lines. Do the Dems? Are there signs of intelligent life in their universe?

The Pennsylvania Tourism Board has a new slogan (or so I hear): "Philly: What the @#$&#%!"

That's how I feel about the Dems.

I've got to drink coffee with a FUX news logo on it cause the winger's had a good idea to propagandize on that medium. Where's the guerilla marketing to substitute cups 60% of the city's voters could vote for? For that matter, where's that liberal radio station I keep hearing about?

Dems: What the @#$&#%!

Get it together, guys! Haven't you figured out there's something more at stake besides your offices and perks?

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