Monday, December 08, 2003

Farmer Family Monday 

Hi, its farmer family Monday again and this Monday is all about feeding wild birds.

Many of you survived the massive weekend snowstorm that dumped nearly 65 inches of snow on parts of the Northeast. Many of you didn't. If you didn't, then just ignore this post. But if you did, then you are probably wondering how you can attract wild nuthatches and woodpeckers and chickadees to your backyard bird feeder stations. Thats why I'm endorsing the GW Bush Nutroll SuetCake* feeder. The birds will love it and if you're one of the few folks out there who have never experienced the awesome power of a downy woodpecker as it batters away at your forehead for hours upon hours at a time then you are in for a real treat! And so are the downy woodpeckers. So get your George W Bush Suetcake Nutroll today and enjoy the savage brutal feeding frenzy that ensues.

Note: The GW Bush Nutcake Suethead WeevilRoll may attract squirrels. If your George W Bush suetcake nut-head is attacked by squirrels I suggest that you do not interfere. Viscious squirrel attacks can prove to be educational and entertaining experiences, but hungry squirrels are dangerous and can turn ugly when provoked. I personally was attacked by a half a dozen squirrels while hiking the Appalachian Trail, in 1977, in search of my hermetic nomadic grandparents. I never did find my grandparents but the memories and physical scars of the attack will live with me forever.

So. Just dangle your GW nutroll outside your window and stand back and let nature take it's toll.

suitable for year round use in any climate

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