Thursday, December 18, 2003

Beltway Dem candidates just not serious about winning 

It's that circular firing squad again. I mean, Senators are known for thinking they can and should be President (each one of them) but this is getting ridiculous. And it's not Whiney Joe this time ...

I remember an old Russian story:

An angel comes down from heaven, stands before a Russian peasant and grants him a single wish.

The peasant doesn't even hesitate.

"I wish my neighbor's cow was dead."

Remind you of anything? Could it be the behavior of the Beltway Dems and the Stop Dean types? Check out this quote from a senior advisor to the Kerry campaign:

"The fundamental underpinning of [Dean's] campaign is, 'I am the straight shooter who will tell you the truth no matter what. And I have stood up for these principles the entire campaign,' " said the advisor, who asked not to be named. "To the extent that is demonstrated to be fundamentally untrue, he becomes just another politician. And that really hurts him."

Not just "him," you loser! All Democrats! Maybe Kerry's problems have more to do with his choice of advisors, or his message... Could it be?

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