Saturday, December 13, 2003

Attention Showgoers! 

I like it when Digby gets mad. Look here now. What Digby is trying to tell y'all is that democracy, especially the campaign political exercise of the democratic process is a roller-coaster ride. It's a rollicking yee-haw zoo-plane kick out the jams get naked full tilt boogie shit slingin' orgy. And thats how it should be. Thats the way it works.

And what Digby is also reminding us of, should you be lost in the lu-lu land of some instant breakfast victory, is thus: most of the hard-core internet only political fan base, at least on the left, is a small minority of of the electorate. Weez blog travelers have a long ways to go to convince a whole shitload of peoples that they should vote for our guy, be it Howard Dean or Wes Clark or Dennis K. or John K.....or any other candidate.

Recall here that only 51% of the people in this country voted for anyone in the 2000 Presidential election. How many of that 51% do you think read blogs and keep track of the roil-n-rock of day to day politics on a day to day basis? Eh? Not many would be my guess. That leaves a pretty big artic zone out there that demands discovery. At the least, more than half the Voter Age Persons reflected in that 51%. Those VAPs are going to become important at some point, because they are going to vote, and no-one should forget it. Not to mention the mining opportunities available in the other 49% of the non voting wasteland.

And furthermore, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. And that goes for primary politics as well as the race to the final curtain. And I'm not interested in seeing a fire alarm pulled half way through the primary rehearsal because I like the fat ladies and I like to hear all the fat ladies singing. Ok?

So. May all the fat ladies sing on behalf of the same show. But may all the best fat ladies sing their own best songs and may the best fat lady get the part. Thats the way it works. Hopefully. Then we gotta sell the tickets to the opening night and fill all those seats month after month until we bump the Bush Follies from the big marquee.

Its a sobering thought. So go sober up with Digby for a spell.

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Then maybe I'll tell ya about what it was like to be a bellringer for George McGovern's 1972 campaign. We thought we were invincible too.

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