Saturday, December 20, 2003

At the TLB Showcase 

Apologies to Chris Brown for not posting this link sooner. It's been one of those kinda weeks.

CB, appearing thru the weekend at the TLB Showcase

When Gov. Kindergarten Cop repealed the increased vehicle license fee (or "tax" as the conservatives like to say) it meant fewer money to city governments. Well lo and behold, now the cities want the state to pay the difference on the backs of other essential services, or the cities will have to cuts in local departments, including Police and Fire. Let's do the math here, the Federal government won't raise taxes, the state government won't raise taxes, and the local government won't raise taxes....but as the population grows the need for services grows with it. In addition, our infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc) needs improvement or upkeep. How will we pay for these things?

Read What's so funny about peace, love, and higher taxes
by: Chris "Lefty" Brown

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