Thursday, December 18, 2003

Another lump of coal from Bush 

Adam Geller of AP writes
The chill in year-end bonuses partly reflects companies' continued concerns about the economy and their own earnings, despite a rebound in corporate profits. After several years of limiting salary and wage increases and shifting benefit costs to employees, some companies are now looking to bonuses for cost-savings.

Right. Not to executive salaries, bonuses, stock options, perks ....

But it also is part of a long-term change, pronounced since the mid-1990s, analysts say. More companies are canning the set bonuses they believe workers take for granted in favor of variable "pay-for-performance" plans that pay smaller rewards when times are tight.

Right. So you get less money if you perform better in hard times. Seems to be the reverse for the CEOs, though. I wonder why that is?

I'm so tired of hearing about how "the economy" is doing better, when the jobs picture is still dismal, bonuses are down, Bush is trying to screw us out of overtime, you name it. When are people going to do better, instead of this mythical "economy"?

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