Friday, October 03, 2003

Clark at War 

Good profile of Wesley Clark's conduct of the Kosovo campaign in the NYT that throws cold water on several of the memes being circulated by smearmongers on the Right, such as the Pristina airfield episode:

General Clark's plan was to put NATO troops on the airfield to make it impossible for reinforcements to land. But a British general, Mike Jackson, who was in charge of the peacekeeping force that was to stabilize Kosovo after the Serb troops withdrew and who now serves as the head of the British Army, complained that it was too risky, famously asserting, with some hyperbole, that it would be risking World War III.

Britain was the United States' staunchest ally, and so the Clinton administration decided to defer to the British position. Still, General Clark's recommendation was not rash; it was a judgment call that had been discussed in detail in Washington and that was initially supported at senior levels of the American government.

The reporter, Michael Gordon, covered the Kosovo war. Firsthand experience with his subject probably makes him automatically subversive to Clark's detractors on the Right, but sane people might want to go check out the article.

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