Tuesday, September 30, 2003


From AP vis the Kansas City Star here:

Text of an e-mail to White House staff Tuesday from counsel Alberto R. Gonzales about the Justice Department's investigation about the leak of a CIA officer's identity:

PLEASE READ: Important Message From Counsel's Office

We were informed last evening...

And what were they going between then and when this memo was sent? Wiping the disks and running the shredder? Faking the phone logs?—or bringing out the second set?

... by the Department of Justice that it has opened an investigation into possible unauthorized disclosures concerning the identity of an undercover CIA employee. The department advised us that it will be sending a letter today instructing us to preserve all materials that might be relevant to its investigation. Its letter will provide more specific instructions on the materials in which it is interested, and we will communicate those instructions directly to you. In the meantime, you must preserve all materials that might in any way be related to the department's investigation. Any questions concerning this request should be directed to Associate Counsels Ted Ullyot or Raul Yanes in the counsel to the president's office. The president has directed full cooperation with this investigation.

Say, isn't that Alberto Gonzales theAlberto Gonzales—the one who wrote the Texas Clemency memos that:

repeatedly failed to apprise Bush of some of the most salient issues in the cases at hand

in death penalty cases Yep, Alberto and Bush go way back, and I certainly hope Gonzales does a better job for aWol this time, even though it's merely a political career at stake instead of a life. Ha.

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