Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Le jeu de cartes du regime Bush 

From Reseau Voltaire:
The 52 Most Dangerous American Dignitaries / The Bush Regime Card Deck
"A behind the scenes look of [sic] the Bush administration reveals a team of cronies, carrying out a "neo-conservative" revolution in total opposition with the History and Values of their country."

Ace of Diamonds | Dick Cheney
"A former chairman of Halliburton (oil equiptment) and KBR (mercenaries). Now vice-president of US, he subcontracts part of the military intervention in Iraq to mercenary troops and awards the reconstruction of destroyed Iraqi infastructure to Halliburton."

King of Diamonds | George Bush
"Chairman of a baseball club and director of the oil company owned by Osama bin Laden's brother, Salem bin Laden. He was declared President of the US by his father's Supreme Court appointees before the election results could show that he had lost the election."

King of Hearts | Karl Rove
"Brains-in-chief, Secretary General of the White House."

Eight of Spades | Lewis Libby
"Past and current mafia lawyer. Now also the Secretary General to Vice-President Cheney. Libby is in charge of the White House's ultra-secret National Energy Policy Development, and works closely with directors of Enron and major oil companies."

Play with a full deck here: The Bush Regime Card Deck from Reseau Voltaire

Update: More Bush Regime playing cards (thanks to Dave in comments) available here: HERE

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