Monday, September 29, 2003

The Blind Spot (cont.) 

The Daily Howler beats me to it:
But don’t miss the remarkable back-story here—the amazing silence of the Washington press corps over the past three months. This story broke in Robert Novak’s July 14 column.... And it was obvious that these “senior officials” may have committed a serious crime. But over the course of the past three months, have you seen a word—have you seen one word—from Washington’s pundits about this story? Of course not! Instead, pundits did what they do best—they hid beneath their mahogany desks, pretending not to have heard this report. ...Even in this morning’s New York Times, this story is given secondary status, folded into another story. It doesn’t even rate its own headline. The Times was brilliant at ginning up Clinton “scandals,” including Whitewater, the mother of all fake and phony flaps. Now it fiddles, diddles and blathers in the face of acknowledged White House crime.

I doubt there is a single story to be told about the Bush Syndicate that doesn't inculpate the media and its connivance in one way or another, yet you can be sure that, if the day of reckoning finally comes for these thugs and brigands, the press will hand out Pulitzers like E at a rave instead of submitting their resignation en masse to the public they have so disgracefully disserved.

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