Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Yeah? When? 


Having fought under the American flag ...

In the Texas Air National Guard? YABL, YABL, YABL... And he says this to actual veterans!

UPDATE: Oh dear! And to think I was an English major. I got sucked in by a leading gerund, as alert reader Harry Cheddar points out. Here it is:

Having fought under the American flag and seen it folded and given to families of your friends, you are committed, as am I, to protecting the dignity of the flag and the Constitution of the United States ....

My bad. Of course, the beauty part—from the speechwriter's perspective—is that having lunged for the bait of "having fought" I missed all the other untruths in the sentence, like asking if the Texas Air National Guard duty is how he shows his commitment, asking if the Patriot Act is consonant with protecting the Constitution... Well, learn from it! Man, these guys are good...

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