Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Monument loons lay in food 

From the Birmingham News, the monument standoff continues:

Nearly a week after a court's deadline for its removal, the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Judicial Building had not budged as of late Tuesday, with no indication when it might be removed.

Hundreds of monument supporters, meanwhile, remained entrenched at the state judicial building Tuesday in a scene that's become part religious revival, part siege.

Fried chicken, pizzas, bags of cookies and cases of drinking water were laid in for the long haul as the growing throng prayed, sang and ate beneath towering columns just a glance away from the 5,300-pound monument inside.

"It's real biblical as far as I'm concerned," said Lorraine Adams, who drove in from Birmingham last week. "I can see the two fish, loaves of bread happening here. It's a feast for God's people."

Let 'em stay and fatten themselves up, as far as I'm concerned. The longer it goes, the more ridiculous it gets, and the greater the likelihood these theocratic SICs will be exposed for the out-of-the-mainstream winger throwbacks they are.

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