Thursday, August 28, 2003

Maladministration redefines "chutzpah" 

How? By using the phrase "responsible numbers."

David Gregory of MSNBC writes:

“We don’t have the numbers at this point, and until we have responsible numbers, we’re not going to go to Congress,” [White House spokesperson Claire Buchan] said, speaking at President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Not, of course, that Congress's authority to appropriate and authorize funding would have any bearing on the matter ...

Anyhow, Buchan's straightfaced piety aside, Congress may be waiting for these "responsible numbers" for awhile. She was talking about Iraq, but there's Social Secuurity, Red Sta—uh, Homeland Security, Medicare, those pesky "average" tax cuts... Responsible numbers, my Aunt Fanny.

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