Friday, August 29, 2003

Contest: "What I did on my summer vacation, by George W. Bush" 

"Our" President will return from his hide-out in Crawford shortly. You remember what the Bush krew cooked up last year about this time—they figured out how to "market" the war of choice in Iraq (and that turned out so well for all of us).

Suitable topics include "How I decided what to do with the $200 million in campaign contributions I got, even though I am running unopposed," "How, Where, and Why I am still a Christian," "Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness," "How to Choose the Codpiece that's Right for You," "Xanax Cowgirls," and "How I kept my Complexion Clear and Clean in 100 Degree Heat," but let your imaginations have full scope!

So, "What I did on my summer vacation, by George W. Bush"

Submit as many entries as you like to us with subject heading "Contest" and we guarantee to have to our home office treat them in an entirely random and discourteous fashion. Employees and relatives of Corrente are, of course, encouraged to enter.

There should be a prize, but we don't know what it is yet. Any suggestions? Contact the us.

Oh, and please keep your entries to under 200 words. We'll publish a random selection of what we like in a week or so. (If you want to write an entry in your own blog, and submit the URL, that's fine too.)

Finally, "by George W. Bush" means that you should try to make the entry read like our Dear Leader was actually writing it (that is, not like you were writing it.

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