Tuesday, August 26, 2003

California Republicans form circular firing squad 

Phew! I thought only Democrats did that! Judy Woodruff of CNN interviews Tom McClintock here:

WOODRUFF: How do you argue, though, with the math -- and this is what Schwarzenegger himself was referring to yesterday -- that Republicans have a much better shot, in fact, their only real shot at unseating Gray Davis, if they have one person in the race?

MCCLINTOCK: Well, I think that's a good point. And that's why I'm prepared, at the appropriate time, to accept Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement.

WOODRUFF: Seriously speaking, do you think Republicans have a real...

MCCLINTOCK: I am serious.

WOODRUFF: You don't think there's a chance he would do that. So, my question...

MCCLINTOCK: But, Judy, to answer you seriously, I've gone, in the last three weeks, from an asterisk in the polls to double-digits.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with unprecedented media coverage, has been absolutely dead in the water. He is consistently polled in the low to mid 20s. So the momentum is clearly on my side. We have still got 42 days, six full weeks, until the election. And the momentum is all in my direction right now.

And I thought only Democrats defied the CW... This California race is just getting weirder and weirder. It's like a full moon, every night, for the next six weeks. With every winger howling and baying...

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