Thursday, June 02, 2005

Um, Peggy? Josh? Anyone? 

I was just reading this post of Josh Marshall's referring to Peggy Noonan's outrageous comments about W. Mark Felt today.

Let me just quote the part of Noonan's article I'm interested in talking about:
Felt helped produce was a weakened president who was a serious president at a serious time. Nixon's ruin led to a cascade of catastrophic events--the crude and humiliating abandonment of Vietnam and the Vietnamese, the rise of a monster named Pol Pot, and millions--millions--killed in his genocide. America lost confidence; the Soviet Union gained brazenness. What a terrible time. Is it terrible when an American president lies and surrounds himself by dirty tricksters? Yes, it is. How about the butchering of children in the South China Sea. Is that worse? Yes. Infinitely, unforgettably and forever.
Um, Peggy? Josh? Anyone see the problem with this argument?

How about the impeachment of a president over a blowjob? Anyone remember what was going on at that time? You know, um, that little "obsession" as W and the boys called it at the time that Clinton's administration had with that little insignificant Islamic terrorism thing?

If one's going to make this sort of argument about the impeachment of Richard Nixon one could easily make a similar argument about the impeachment of Bill Clinton. One could contend that the impeachment of Bill Clinton produced, to use Peggy's words, "a weakened president who was a serious president at a serious time."

If we're going to seriously accept an argument that Nixon was capable of stopping Pol Pot then it's not too crazy to contend that Clinton could've stopped al-Qaeda if he hadn't been critically weakened by "Lewinsky-blowjob-gate." Clinton would've been in a position to seriously go after al-Qaeda if he wasn't distracted by the impeachment saga of 1998 and 1999.

In short, if Peggy can get away with this argument then I'm going to contend that Clinton's impeachment helped lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans on 9/11.

Furthermore, since W and the boys used the bogus terrorism link argument to justify the IraqWar Part II disaster, one could contend that Clinton's impeachment may have also led to the deaths of 1,600 U.S. soldiers and 100,000 Iraqis over the past two years.

In fact I would even be so bold as to contend that I have a much better argument on the evidence than Peggy does.

Anyone else care to comment? Please, can someone out there in bigtime media or a bigtime blogger say something about this?

UPDATE Mustang Bobby in comments points out that Noonan et al is getting this from none other than Rush himself.


UPDATE 2 Hello Buzzflash readers! Several thousand of you have come in since last night and we here at Corrente appreciate your visits.

As for bigtime bloggers or media, not a one of them (and I e-mailed a link to several of them) have linked this or written about this yet.

Oh well.

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