Monday, February 07, 2005

Bring The Big Dog off the bench! 

Clinton appeared together with Deep Throat at Super Bowl XXXIX, and Clinton was great.

Yes, the heart operation has taken its toll, but now that Clinton's face is thinner, his eyes are much more powerful: Very blue, very sharp, very aware. Wiser.

He ran two great riffs (sorry, can't find the transcript: I just can't bring myself to type "Fox news" into Google advanced search).

When Clinton was asked who would win, he said he'd find it very hard to choose between Boston and Philadelphia "because they both voted for me." [rim shot]

And then, out of the midst of some on-air chaffing banality, came this Clinton riff about the Constitution: Something like ... The Constitution is great, and back when it was written, we thought some Americans were only 3/5 of a man. "But we fixed that," and that shows that "American can do anything."

Awesome. Democrats need to be using the word Constitution all the time—and Clinton linking that to both justice and the Can-Do American spirit...

Clinton truly is The Big Dog.

I know Clinton's had it tough, medically, and I'm sure Clinton doesn't want to take the spotlight away from Hillary, but —

The Dems need everyone on the field now. The Big Dog needs to come off the bench. Howard, as one of your first agenda items, figure out how to do that, OK?

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